Natural Yellow Color Diamonds

Natural yellow color diamond, emerald cut set in platinum and white baguettesNatural yellow color diamonds are more common than the other color diamonds. They are still rare considering that for every 10,000 white diamond there is one color diamond. This count includes all the hues. There are dozens of different shades of yellow diamonds, depending on the lightness and intensity of the yellow hue. The purer and richer the color the more prized the gem, although lighter tones can be softly dramatic. 

Yellow diamonds are found in different countries, but South Africa is the source for the notably large and intense yellow diamonds. Many of these larger crystals require a name after they are cut. The Red Cross is the largest known pure yellow diamond; it has an inclusion that looks like the Maltese Cross visible in its top facet. Another South African famous yellow diamond is the Allnatt, a 100-carat fancy vivid yellow.

The largest yellow diamond us a deep brownish yellow called the Incomparable. It weighs 407.48cts and is the third largest diamond. It is graded as internally flawless, the largest example of a diamond with that clarity grading. A young girl playing in the rubble in the town of Mbuji Mayi discovered it in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The first diamond to be authenticated in Africa was discovered in 1866 by the child of a Boer farmer in a small hole made be a bushman digging for roots. It was a light yellow crystal weighing 21ct. It was cut into a diamond called Eureka weighing 10.70cts. 

Yellow diamonds are cherished for their subtly dramatic appeal. The glow of a yellow diamond illuminates a woman with an aura no matter what shade she chooses.

The color is determined by looking at top of the diamond. There are many variations of yellow diamonds depending on intensity of the color, if it is only yellow in hue or whether there is secondary color detected in the diamond giving it modifying colors such as brown or orange or green. For example if there is a secondary color detected the color would be described as greenish yellow for a yellow diamond with hints of green in its yellow color. These factors determining the hue, tone and saturation are described of a lab report called diamond origin report.

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