Natural Green Color Diamonds

Natural green color diamondPure green diamonds are extremely rare and highly valued, and range from the mint greens to the vivid grass greens. Only a handful of natural green diamonds are introduced into the market each year making green diamonds some of the most sought after of all natural diamonds.

Green diamonds are predominately found in regions of Africa and South Africa. Green diamonds acquire their color because during formation they are in close proximity to natural occurring sources of radiation.  The Dresden Green, approximately 41 carats, is the most famous green diamond and is often referred to as the cousin of the Hope Diamond for its historical importance.

We at Thomas Michaels Designers work often with natural fancy color diamonds, and rarely have the opportunity to work with a natural fancy color green diamond, because of their extreme rarity. A few years ago an exceptional and very rare chameleon green diamond came through our gallery to present to one of our clients. It is called chameleon, because it is a color change diamond where the color is either green or yellow depending whether it is in the sunlight or held in the dark. 

Natural green color diamond