Champagne Color Diamonds

Brown cognac diamondBrown diamonds are often referred to as champagne or cognac diamonds. They are found in southern Africa, Siberia and Australia. The Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia is the largest producer of brown diamonds.

The world's largest cut natural diamond is a dark rich champagne diamond called the Golden Jubilee. It is 545 carats and was offered to the King of Thailand to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his ascension to the throne. Cutting and polishing the diamond took three years.

The range of shades of brown diamonds goes from subtle champagnes to rich cognacs. The Argyle Diamond Mine introduced a color scale for the brown diamond. Their C1 to C7 scale is used throughout the diamond industry. C1-C2 are light champagne diamonds, C3-C4 are medium champagne, C5-C6 are dark champagne and C7 are fancy cognac. The modifying colors yellow, green, pink, orange, and olive are found in the wide range of brown colors. The neutral color of brown diamonds makes them a perfect choice for jewelry creations and offering the consumer a diamond that is usually more affordable than white diamonds and more affordable than all of the other color diamonds. We find that the wide and varied ranges of cognac color diamonds are often very suitable for men's jewelry.


Chapagne diamonds set in 14KT yellow gold