Black Diamonds

Black diamond in 18KT white gold Copyrighted Original by Thomas Michaels When a diamond is dark grey or truly black it is referred to in the trade as a black diamond also known as "carbonado".  Such a diamond may be opaque to nearly semitransparent. The black diamond seems to absorb and reflect light. Most black and grey diamonds are used in industry.  Carbonado is a particularly tough industrial variety of diamond because of its multi grain structure. 

Laboratory grown black diamonds are man made diamond that is grown from a "seed" black diamond.  When cut by a master diamond cutter yields a much more precisely cut stone with higher polish than what is found in "carbonado" natural black diamond.

Thomas Michaels Designers are suppliers of these remarkable new laboratory grown diamonds. They are genuine diamond, grown in the laboratory. We have set these unusual diamonds in some wonderful pieces we have designed in platinum and white gold. Their unconventionality makes them fun to design around. Our master diamond cutter cuts these diamonds to our requirements. We have the ability to supply to you any diamond cut or shape including sizes from .25ct up to 5.00ct and sometimes larger. These opaque jet black diamonds reflect from the cutting on the surface of the stone rather than from brilliance generated from within, creating a unique, attractive look like hematite but with the durability and faceted quality of diamond. Unlike many natural black diamonds that require irradiation to obtain the opaque black color, our laboratory grown black diamonds have not been irradiated.

We offer to our clients these remarkable stones at just a fraction of the price of natural black diamonds. Contact us for specific information pertaining to your size and shape requirements.

The lack of grain that occurs in these laboratory grown crystals allows for a precision in diamond cutting and a beauty of surface polish that is not attained when cutting natural black diamond. They are truly beautiful.


Test Information Comparing:


Lab Grown Black Diamond   

Purity:  99.9995%

Refractive Index:  2.40

Chemical Composition: Carbon

Color:  Opaque BlackTransparent 

Hardness:  9.25-9.65

Specific Gravity:  3.20-3.50


Natural Black Diamond

Purity: 99.95%

Refractive Index: 2.40

Chemical Composition:Carbon

Color:Transparent to Opaque Black

Hardness: 10

Specific Gravity:3.20-3.503.50-3.51