Diamond Re-cutting

Our master diamond cutter is able to enhance a diamond that you already own in miraculous ways. Some contemporary cuts can have technical problems in the way that they were cut originally; marquise, oval and pear shapes sometimes have an area in the diamond towards the center that is lacking in brilliance; creating what is known in the trade as a "bow-tie effect". This is often a result of poor or sloppy craftsmanship in the original cutting of the diamond. We have corrected this problem in many valuable diamonds by properly re-polishing only in the area that lacks brilliance creating even a more valuable and beautiful gemstone.

Have you damaged your diamond? Yes, even a diamond can be scratched or chipped. Our master diamond cutter can remove surface damage, scratches and nicks and even chips resulting in a more brilliant and lively diamond. Often repairing damage is covered by insurance.

Do you own an antique diamond; an early cut such as a "mine cut"; "old European cut", etc? These early, crudely fashioned and polished diamonds were crafted to the best of the cutter's ability, often prior to the turn of this century. With the advent of the modern brilliant "ideal" cut came the understanding of the mathematical correct proportioning in the cutting of diamonds to create the ultimate in brilliance. Our master diamond cutter can re-cut an older cut diamond to modern standards often increasing its value many fold as well as its brilliance and beauty. Even taking into consideration that there is some weight loss, the diamond in almost all instances becomes much more valuable.

No work will proceed on any diamond of yours until after our diamond cutter completely analyzes your diamond and calculates the results and receives your authorization.

Please e-mail, write or phone us to discuss your specific needs of diamond cutting and to help understand the way re-cutting will enhance the value and aesthetics of a diamond needing attention.