Bloodstone is an alternative birthstone for March.  It is a form of quartz known as heliotrope or jasper. This gem consists of a mass of tiny quartz crystals that form the gem. It is part of the chalcedony group of quartz. Green chalcedony that has flecks of red is known as bloodstone. The red is iron oxide in the quartz. This type of chalcedony has been favored for carving and intaglios.

Babylonians used bloodstone to make seals and amulets. It was a favorite stone of the Roman gladiators. Bloodstone, powdered and mixed with egg white was thought to have healing powers for any type of hemorrhaging, especially nosebleeds. It was also thought to cure tumors. Ancient healers used it treat blood disorders, including blood poisoning. They also used it to draw out the venom of snakebite.