Aquamarine, March

March birthstone is aquamarine. It is part of the beryl group of gems, which emerald belongs as well. Beryl consists of four elements, beryllium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen. The color of this gem is a greenish blue to aqua and light in tone, which is caused by trace contamination of iron in the beryl crystal. It is usually found very clean with little to no inclusions. It has a good rate of hardness and would be a great choice in a ring. Some crystals grow very large; the largest crystal that has been found is 19 inches. First documented use of aquamarine was about 400BC in Greece. Aquamarine amulets have been found that have carvings of Poseidon in a chariot.

The name Aquamarine is derived the Latin, aqua meaning water and marine meaning from the sea. It has been said that aquamarine protects the wearer foes in barrel or litigation. It also makes the wearer unconquerable, amiable, levelheaded and calm. It also can quicken your intellect. It is also thought to enhance the happiness in a marriage, sometimes given as a gift for the 16th or 19th anniversary. When given as a gift it represents safety and security to the recipient. Medicinally the lore says it can counteract poisons, cure ailments of the heart, liver, stomach, mouth and throat. Soothsayers used aquamarine to tell fortunes or the future. It is also considered a sailors’ gem and brings prosperity and safety when traveling over water. It seems that aquamarine has many powers and can be beneficial to everyone.